Kandee Land volunteers

Summer program winds down with Kandy Land Karnival

Kandee Land volunteers

MEDINA –– Kids ran around at Ray Mellert Park and squealed as they went through the splash pad Saturday. The smell of grilled hot dogs and cotton candy filled the air as volunteers checked in people for the annual Kandy Land Karnival that closed out this season’s Let’s Make a Difference summer enrichment program.

Cherise Odom, who works with Michelle Powell who founded Let’s Make a Difference, said, “We’ve been planning for three months now … since May.”

Powell planned for 300-plus people for the event, which was open to the community 1-5 p.m.

Admission was $1 for kids and $3 for adults. Food was free.

MAG Church provided hot dogs and volunteers from the church grilled them. The church also brought supplies to make snow cones, providing a cool treat for the kids.

“We wanted to reach back to the community in the best way that we could, so we’re just here bringing out as much as we can and just hanging out with the kids,” said Anthony Alioto, pastor at MAG Church.

New Hill Church provided a cotton candy machine and Medina resident and New Hill Church member Aubrey Meadows made and served cotton candy.

“They knew we had a cotton candy machine, so I think that’s what made them call us up,” said Meadows as kids ran around her in the park pavilion. “You can’t have this candy event without the cotton candy, right?”

The purpose of the event was to provide some end-of-summer fun for the community and for the kids in the summer program.

Face-painting, live music and games were part of the day’s activities.

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