Duo Aim to Lift Medina Youngsters

Michelle Powell’s story is one of redemption.

The Medina mother of two left her problems with drugs behind and became a role model running three youth programs in the city.

Powell and her helper, Carol Andregg, were recognized with a plaque at Ray Mellert Park on Wednesday for their dedication and service to youths by Medina Mayor Dennis Hanwell.

Powell, 46, started the Let’s Make a Difference outreach program in 2000. There was a similar program when she was growing up, but it was terminated for lack of funds.

“She was concerned about the youth in Union Square (apartments) and in the neighborhood here of not having some positive activity and therefore getting into some negative activity,” Hanwell said. “She started the program herself.”

It now has a board of directors that makes things happen and can raise funds when needed.


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